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review of ELEPHANT 
01:04am 15/05/2004
mood: awake
ok well its like 1am lol w/e anywho seeing as how im like the only person in the entire world who likes the white stripes i might as well use this for my propaganda to recruit more stripers :-P

its hard to tell which cd is their best. theyve released 4 and its a tie almost b/t "white blood cells" and "elephant"

ok sooo heres the list of osngs and what i think about them lol:

1) seven nation army - if u havent heard this song. u have no life. most brilliant "bass ever" its an inside joke somewhat b/c theyre always getting shit for not having a bass player. its just so amazing that all of the sounds can come from that one guitar
2) black math - nice bluesy rock song. not the best but i like it.
3) there's no home for you here - ok now parts of this song sound almost EXACTLY like dead leaves and the dirty ground. but the chorus is just wowzers lol. its something queen would do. it sounds like his voice is echoing like 8 times. and he didnt use any computers while making it so its not special effects, no matter how much you think it is.
4) i just don't know what to do with myself - my god do i LOVE this song. towards the end it reminds me of the start spangled banner with his guitar lol
5)in the cold, cold night - nice sweet song sung by MEG
6) i want to be the boy to warm your mother's heart - great song. i think its a nice touch with the piano. towards the end it feels like the beach lol.
7)you've got her in your pocket - i usually get tired while i hear this song b/c i feel like im on the beach lol
8) ball & biscuit - omg this is one of the best songs on the disc besides seven nation army. serisouly its like 8 minutes long and its just amazing. lol
9) the hardest button to button - at first i hated it cuz it was annoying but now i love it
10) little acorns - this is soo funny this song.
11) hypnotize - no, this is not and i repeat NOT them trying to re-do fell in love with a girl
12) the air near my fingers - the piano adds soooo much to this
13) girl, you have no faith in medicine - okay song, not their best.
14) well it's true that we love one another - hahahah this song was made as such a big huge inside joke b/c of all the ppl asking: are they bro/sis or ex husband and ex wife. lol its soo funny. and theres a british girl named holly singing as well lol

ok well i give this cd ***** 5 stars...b/c music reviews are ut of 5 stars b/c they just are lol

a lot of ppl will prob not like this cd but w/e thats not my problem.

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06:59am 07/05/2004
  This is my review of the FINAL EPISODE OF "FRIENDS"

Being a huge fan of "Friends" since the start, I was pleased with the last episode. It stayed true to form and nothing too crazy happened. It was predictable, yes, but satisfying nonetheless. We all knew Ross and Rachel would have a future. I liked the twins for Monica and Chandler, since it was unexpected. The storyline with Joey and Chandler and their foosball table was rather symbolic. They kept saying that they couldn't let go. It mirrored the real life situation that they, and their millions of fans, were facing; we were all having trouble parting with the show.
Phoebe didn't really have much going on for her, except to help Ross track down Rachel. I thought the show ended gracefully. There were some great jokes and some dramatic moments. They ended the show in Monica's apartment, the place where they had shared the best times. Then they said they would go to Central Perk for coffee, the place where it all began. With the absence of "Friends," Thursday nights will never be the same.
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another update from me haha 
12:42pm 09/04/2004
mood: blank
ok so yesterday while kinda watching office space [my stapler heh heh or damn it feels good to be a gansta yeaaa] my friends and i ate dominoes pizza!!!


3 stars in comparison to the almighty segesta.

holler if ya hear me!!

--> informal rating numero uno
-scuba hahaha jk
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hey guys! 
05:53pm 08/04/2004
mood: content
this community is nifty like weezer! lol

ok so for my first review, i thought id critique my favorite restaurant.. elisas in bellmore!

2754 N Jerusalem Rd, North Bellmore, NY 11710
(516) 679-4805

conveniently located near a daily hot spot named after a war hero, this restaurant is amazing. it looks like not much but once you enter the green-house-esque doors, you realize that you have discovered a long island gold mine. andrea boccelli is a special guest who stops by when he can, and we all know italians know good eats. rocky, the owner has transformed the little place into a slice of heaven. known for great pasta and perfectly cooked eggplant or chicken, you can't go wrong with a glass of freshly opened wine or a slice of new cheesecake. a waiter there, constantly working, perhaps a partner, speaks spanish (ironic i know) but his service is impeccable.

as you can tell this restaurant is to die for!!

in short:
type: italian
location: 2754 N Jerusalem Rd, North Bellmore, NY 11710
name: elisas
phone number: (516) 679-4805

5 star!!

bon apetite!!
05:46pm 08/04/2004
mood: annoyed
hmmm yeah bullshit

THE TRUTH is that "free speech" is BULLSHIT and isn't free. "Free" speech actually means FREE from punishment if someone doesn't agree with the opinion, and it exists when it goes along with the opinion of the majority, and any other opinion is WRONG.

This has been my review of free speech

btw...I'm j.cef. =)
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review of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" 
06:24pm 07/04/2004
  First Post! I'm Samantha, the maintainer.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd.
-- Alexander Pope, "Eloisa to Abelard"

The above is the line from which the film title, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" comes from. The two main characters, Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski are played by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. The plot centers around the idea that a scientific procedure can erase entire fields of memory. The film begins at the end, so the movie-goer is rather lost until the end, when everything is explained and put into perspective. Clementine and Joel are in love at one point, but the relationship ends badly, so Clementine has Joel erased from her memory. To seek revenge, Joel does the same. However, Joel recalls the good times, and decides, mid-process, that he doesn't want to erase Clementine at all. We are taken through a strange world of warped images, as the mind erasing process is at work. To try and "escape" the process, Joel takes Clementine into memories where she doesn't belong. This fails however, and Joel wakes up with no knowledge of Clementine. By chance, the two meet again, in Montauk. One of the memorable lines of the movie, "Meet me in Montauk" becomes a link that helps answer some questions. The movie ends on a light note. I really enjoyed it, it actually made me think. The thought of completely erasing someone from your memory...the effects it has. It was quite emotional and "deep" at times. Not your regular movie, that's for sure. "Eternal Sunshine" provides a valuable lesson: "At the end of the day, our memories are all we really have, and when they're gone, we're gone." -Roger Ebert

and that concludes my thoughts on "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"